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Types of Self Sabotage


Some people cannot lose weight no matter how hard they try. Ask me about the blocks that prevent you from achieving your perfect weight.


If it’s hard for you to save money, you are not alone. I can explain why even lottery winners end up spending their big wins within the first year!


Stop being a doormat and repeating your old patterns. Learn how to achieve happiness and balance with your partner, in a healthy way.

About Me

Though many say I am the master of self-control, I have struggled with anxiety and negative self talk. I found the strength to live my best life little by little. At first I altered my diet, then increased exercise, and eventually faced my unhealthy addictions and thought patterns. With each step, life began to have purpose.

In 2020, I got certified as a self sabotage coach through Jason Cristoff’s Freedom From Self Sabotage program. The experience involved private self sabotage sessions with the mentor himself. There is a shift between the first and the second session, which was apparent. And there was a shift in how others began to treat me.

I want to see this shift take place with everyone who wants more from life, and struggles to make it so. If you want to be successful, step outside the safety zone. Look at your own behavioral patters formed in childhood and see how they inhibit your life today.